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Art Appraisals of Santa Fe offers personalized appraisal and curatorial services with integrity, accuracy, and objectivity. Appraisals can be done via email from your photographsCall or email today for a free consultation to assess your appraisal or curatorial needs.

Art Appraisals of Santa Fe appraises American fine and decorative arts and antiques, and Native American arts of the Southwest.  Your appraisal will be tailored to your individual needs, prepared with accuracy and objectivity, and delivered in a timely fashion.

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What AASF Appraises


Southwest Native American Arts

  • Rugs and Blankets
  • Pottery
  • Indian Jewelry
  • Baskets
  • Kachinas
  • Paintings
  • Sculpture

Image courtesy Medicine Man Gallery, Santa Fe

American Fine Art

  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Prints
  • Sculpture

Based in Santa Fe, NM, AASF appraises antique furniture, jewelry and American and Southwest fine art.American Decorative Arts
and Antiques

  • Furniture
  • Ceramics
  • Silver
  • Lighting
  • Folk Art

Clients often ask how appraisers can be knowledgeable about everything. The answer is: “they can’t.”  The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and the International Society of Appraisers Code of Ethics require member appraisers to notify clients when asked to appraise items outside of their area of expertise. When that situation arises, Michael will consult with an acknowledged expert in the appropriate field. If, after consultation, he feels he cannot properly appraise your items, he happily will refer you to other professionals with the necessary experience, free of charge.

These are items I do not appraise: Asian and African art, dolls and toys, coins and currency, weapons and military collectibles, precious gems and fine jewelry.

Appraisal Process and Results

Image courtesy Medicine Man Gallery, Santa Fe

Image courtesy Medicine Man Gallery

Professional appraisals require much more than a statement of dollar value. Personal property must be thoroughly examined and accurately identified, appropriate markets for each item must be researched based on the intended use of the appraisal, verifiable data must be collected, and a logical argument must be formulated from all the relevant facts.

All of this information must then be presented in a written appraisal report following federally recognized standards for the profession. Without this documentation and a complete report, your appraisal may not be accepted by your insurance company, the courts, or the IRS.

While this process can be complicated for the appraiser, it’s easy for you. Here are the steps that AASF owner, Michael Ettema, will take to complete your appraisal.

  1. You will have a free consultation via telephone or email to identify your specific needs and create a plan of action and timetable.
  2. Michael will come to your location to inspect your items, create an inventory, write detailed descriptions, and take photographs of each piece.   You and Michael sign a contract for services and AASF receives partial payment at this time.
  3. Michael returns to his office to identify each item in accordance with Getty Research Institute Object ID Standards, research each item and all the appropriate markets, and analyze relevant market data.
  4. Michael then prepares the written appraisal report compliant with USPAP and ISA standards, and IRS regulations when necessary.   You will receive two written copies and may request additional electronic copies.   Your appraisal (and all related information) is strictly confidential and AASF will not release it or any part of it without your written permission or a court order.
  5. Delivery time depends on the number of objects in the appraisal and the complexity of the research, but it may be as little as one week.

Appraisal Fees

Fees are charged on an hourly basis for inspection, common research, and report writing, and are competitive in the industry.

(Beware of any appraiser whose fee is based on a percentage of the total value or the amount of your deduction. That is a clear conflict of interest and will not be accepted by the IRS.)

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